3 easy steps


Just take three shots from the same position,
wait a few seconds and enjoy the results or share
them with your friends via Facebook or Twitter!
You can shake hand with yourself, play a chess game together with your
twin, or even double your dog or your pet… The possibilities are infinite!


Everything automatically

Everything automatically

State of the art image stabilization and blending technology with fully automated image
processing. No more difficult framing and precise trimming of photos, DoubleMatic can
handle everything within seconds automatically!

Easy to use Touchup

Easy to use and intuitive interface with unique "Touchup" feature that allows you to
fine-tune the final photo.
Easy to use Touchup
Do it later

Do it later

All shots are stored in the local gallery and can be post processed or fine-tuned later!

Export and enjoy

DoubleMatic can export final pictures into your image gallery or you can share them instantly
with your friends via E-mail, Facebook or Twitter!
Export and enjoy


"For $1.99, being able to double your friends in photos is pretty neat. It does a great job of producing a clone in your photos. This unique app gets a solid recommendation from us."

"Aplikácia DoubleMatic nás potešila svojou funkcionalitou a schopnosťou vytvárať zaujímavé snímky a to aj pri nie úplne stabilnom držaní iPhonu. Na App Store je dostupná za príjemných 1,79 eur."


"This app is very useful and fun. I made a lot of pictures and showed to my friends."

"Amazing photographic software. it can easily shoot out some special effects, such as multiplayer clone, very interesting. Simple operation, result pictures are pretty good. recommend people who like to shoot special photos."

"Doublematic lives up to my expectations. This is way much better than the rest. Start creating clone photo now easily."

"Very well designed app for making pics with clones. Really great user interface. I love it."